Music promoter Jada Pollock has revealed that she has never loved anyone like singer Wizkid.

Jada, the mother of Wizkid’s son Zion, said this on Twitter during a question and answer session on Friday.

A user who goes by the name @phillippop565 had asked: “Do you love Big Wiz?”

Responding to the tweet she said: “With all my heart I have never loved anyone like this in my lifetime. Our love is magical.”

The 38-year-old added that she wanted to have a big family with Wizkid.

Speaking on how she met Wizkid, she tweeted, “I was managing Chris Brown at the time and we were on tour. We had an African leg to the tour and Lagos was one of the Territories we had a show. Wiz came out on Chris’ show and the rest is history.”

Jada also said that she finds it degrading when people refer to her as just Wizkid’s third baby mama.

She said: “I think about this…It’s so degrading & discriminating when I’m referred to as Wizkid’s 3rd baby mother before addressing me professionally by my name. The credit of my Journey/experience is so underrated.”

Pollock, who had once managed American singer Chris Brown, also doubles as Wizkid’s manager, asides from his main manager, Sunday Are.

Jada and Wizkid welcomed their child in 2017.

Wizkid’s relationship with Jada caused problems with other mothers of his children as they claim he favours Jada’s son to theirs.